May 17 – May 23

Securitay Limited is proud to support Learning at Work Week 2021 which takes place between 17th and 23rd May.

It focuses on our human capacity to learn, how we can be great lifelong learners and the importance of connection and community for empowered people and dynamic organisations.

Co-ordinated by the Campaign for Learning since 1999, the primary goal of Learning at Work Week is to spotlight the benefits of learning and development at work and build learning cultures at work. All types of companies and organisations are invited to take part and companies have the freedom to plan events and activities to fit in with their individual business goals and employee needs. The yearly theme is meant to be inspirational rather than prescriptive with companies given the freedom to interpret it in the context of their individual business.

As well as the opportunity to run an event within your company, there are also special webinars and free training taster sessions from a range of companies running in conjunction with Learning at Work Week, full details of which can be found on the Campaign for learning website.

Companies wishing to take part can receive guidance including online and printed materials and planning seminars from the Learning at Work team. If your company would like further information or is interested in taking part visitwww.campaign-for-learning.org.uk.

Richard Jennings Deputy MD

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