Bridging the gap between contractor and client

We all strive to fulfil our client’s needs, however when you are asked to provide services in areas where you do not have the staff/resources subcontracting has to be an option.
That’s where Securitay Security Services comes in.

If you’re supplying an excellent service to your clients in other parts of the UK but simply don’t have an office in Aberdeen Dundee or Inverness, don’t let this stop you from providing that same quality service. More importantly, don’t lose your professional reputation over it! You can subcontract your security services to Securitay Limited, we will provide cover for your client’s locations throughout the East and North of Scotland.

We’re used to stepping in at short notice to fulfill your client’s needs, whether you need a single Security
Guard, Patrols, Vacant Property Checks, or Key Holding services for long or, short-term periods, we can assist you.

Our promise to you after more than 30 years’ experience in subcontracting to national providers such as G4s, Securitas and MITIE is as follows:
• Our service will fit seamlessly into yours and it’s your decision whether to inform your client that
you intend to subcontract.
• We can provide staff with standard no liveried uniforms.
• We will enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure confidentiality.

Subcontracting security services to Securitay negates the need for you to advertise, recruit and employ
staff in an area in which you may not be ready to operate. Or you may just have a short-term need for a national client.

For further information please contact Neil Brown on 01382 732090 or or complete the online inquiry form.