If a member of your staff has to work alone on, or away from your premises as part of their job, It is your responsibility to ensure that these members of staff are not placed at any extra risk as a result of their job role, and may not be covered under your insurance policy.

Case History; Shelia works most weekends for an estate agent selling new houses from an onsite show house.  Her weekend schedule is as follows: Saturday, Dundee. 1300-1700hrs Sunday, Broughty Ferry 1300-1700hrs                                                                                                                     From the time Shelia commences work she is classed as a lone worker. The estate agents do not have anything in place to ensure Shelia’s safety.                                                            

Solution; Securitay has set up a lone worker monitoring service for Shelia or any other salesperson. The Estate Agents email Shelia’s work schedule for the coming month, Securitay enter this in the automated system and schedule checks calls. Shelia checks in at agreed start time and then hourly until agreed finish time. There is a 10 minute window for John to check in. If Shelia misses a “check call” it will automatically alert our 24/7 duty controller and an agreed escalation plan is put into motion. Agreed passwords and duress codes are put in place to ensure authenticity, of caller. 

Securitay provide lone worker monitoring services for many situations where the member of staff is working alone. He/she checks in to Securitay Control Centre on an automated check call system, Controllers are alerted to missed calls and a mutually agreed action plan is put in motion. This includes attending out of hours alarm activations Through our Lone Worker “Check Call” System. In addition, Securitay provides back up through Geo-fence location software covering all, even remote areas with rapid response.