Mobile patrol service

What is a Mobile Patrol Service?

A simple description would be where an active or dormant site requires some form of security monitoring throughout various times either during the day or at night. The threat of vandalism or a break in still exists, however the need for Manned Guarding services does not exist.

Our Emergency Response Officer will attend the site in question and carry out one of the following actions depending on the customer’s requirements: –

External Patrol:

During an external patrol the Emergency Response Officer will walk around the perimeter of the site in question ensuring that all boundary security measures are effective. This includes making sure all boundary fencing/gates are still intact and locks on entry/exit points have not been tampered with. We will also carry out an external check of the building in question by carrying out a foot patrol to inspect the integrity of all windows, doors and entry/exit points to the building.

Internal Patrol:

This patrol option includes all of the services listed above; however, we will carry out additional duties when an internal patrol is carried out. Some of our customers request that we inspect certain areas inside of their premises when we carry out our patrol. The purpose of this service includes monitoring the temperature in certain rooms, monitoring that the last member of personnel to leave has locked up properly and set the intruder alarm.

If there is a genuine or attempted break-in, the Patrol Officer will:

  • call the police

  • remain on site until the police arrive

  • and give them access to the premises.

    If the damage is extensive, the customer representative would be contacted. Patrol Officers will ensure the premises are secure and reset the alarm system. In addition, Patrol Officers provide an “Open Up” and “Lock Up” service. All visits are recorded electronically and verified by tracking and computer printout.

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