Keyholding services


Securitay will attend any alarm activation and in the case of a false alarm will:
• Secure and reset the alarm
In the case of a break-in will:
• Call the police
• Remain on site until the police arrive
• Assist the police and allow the police access to the premises.

If the damage is extensive, the customer’s representative would be contacted. A detailed report of
activations and investigation would be sent to the customer by 10am the following day.
A 24-hour-7-day response is provided through response officers in modern vehicles with tracking devices.

All response times are in line with ACPOS guidelines.
For more information about our keyholding services please do not hesitate to contact your nearest
office or complete the adjacent enquiry form.

Do you or a member of staff act as key holder for your premises?
If the answer is yes, are you aware of the following?
• Your insurance should include lone worker cover (9/10 policies don’t cover this)
• You should comply with standard requirements, including but not limited to staff training, risk
assessments and be capable of attending an alarm within 20 minutes.
• Your insurance may be invalidated if specific requirements are not met.
If you are unsure on any of the above you should contact your insurers. Also assistance can be obtained from professional security companies like Securitay who provide Key Holding services.
Enquire Now:- For more information about our key holding services please do not hesitate to contact Cameron Stephen or Neil Brown on 01382 732090 or email Securitay on

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