CCTV Remote monitoring

What Is CCTV Remote Monitoring? A simple description would be, a CCTV camera connected to an alarm system, when the alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to the monitoring station alerting the controller to the activation, a live picture from the activated camera is automatically shown on screen. The controller can then see the reason for the activation and take appropriate action (call police, send our Response Vehicle, inform the customer etc.)

Remote Monitoring Station:
SECURITAY have invested in a Remote Monitoring Station situated in a purpose built concrete bunker and state of the art technology with secure lines of communication. This is to give the client the peace of mind that any activation will be transmitted and responded to immediately.

Staff: The Monitoring Station is staffed by a dedicated team of fully trained Controllers. All controllers are vetted to BS7858 standard, meaning that the controllers undergo a full ten-year check; in addition, all staff undergo a Police Check. In addition to the above points our Control Room Personnel have a wealth of knowledge in the latest CCTV technology.

Site Survey: As a standard company policy, one of our Security Consultants would firstly carry out a full Site Survey including a risk assessment of the premises in question free of charge. The risk assessment report would then be incorporated into a detailed ‘Site Survey Dossier’ to be held on file in the Monitoring Station, and a copy given to the client for reference and authentication. These instructions would detail any other required response duties, and emergency contact information. The findings of this site survey can be amended at any stage throughout the contract; this will allow a solution to protect more trouble related areas of the specific site.

Quality Control: SECURITAY operates a quality control system to BS7499 standards for Uniformed Guarding companies. This system applies to all aspects of the Remote Monitoring Operation, from receipt of an enquiry through survey, composition of specifications, procurement and agreed support service thereafter. It allows for on-going reviews both internally and with the client thereby addressing both the client’s needs and expectations.

Return on Investment:Security is a major investment for any company; Manned Guarding can be very expensive and has an unfortunate effect on your balance sheet. While Remote CCTV Monitoring has the opposite effect firstly, it reduces expenditure, and secondly it is an asset to be included on your balance sheet.

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